Department Heads and Assistants

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Pam Baruth,, City Clerk / Personnel Director, 308-324-2341

Bill Brecks,, Development Services Director, 308-324-2341

Dennis Burnside,, Assistant City Manager, 308-324-2341

Doug Glaze,, Wastewater Treatment Plant Supt, 308-324-3902

JoAnn Grove,, Assistant Library Director, 308-324-2151

Barb Hodges,, Finance Director, 308-324-2341

Ann Luther,, Parks and Community Activities Director, 308-325-5277

Tom Nelson,, Community Services Director, 308-324-5995

Melissa Nevarez,, Grand Generation Center Manager, 308-324-2498

Joe Pepplitsch,, City Manager, 308-324-2341

Paul Schwarz,, Police Captain, 308-324-2317

Kathy Thomsen,, Library Director, 308-324-2151

Kristie Wagner,, Administrative Assistant, 308-324-2341

Tracy Wolf,, Police Chief, 308-324-2317

Mark Yung,, Chief Building Inspector, 308-324-2341