• Available Residential Lots

    Housing lots available in northwest Lexington.

  • Available Building Sites

    Lots, buildings, and flexibility to suit your needs.

  • Stormwater Awareness

    Information on how to keep our streams and rivers clean and healthy.

  • Building Permits & Rezoning Forms

    Save time and gas by downloading the forms here if you need a building permit, or want to request rezoning or subdividing a property.

  • Economic Development

    Lexington is undergoing exciting growth in population as well as commercial and industrial enterprises, thanks to the City’s dynamic and easy-to-work with Economic Development team. Click here for success stories and leads for your venture ideas.

  • Long Range Land Usage Plan

    Culled from the City’s most recent Comprehensive Plan, go right to a map and descriptions of future land uses in and around Lexington.

  • Zoning Subdivision Information

    A short-cut to zoning and subdivision regulations, as well as downloadable forms for your convenience.