Lexington Fieldhouse

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Project Summary

The City and many local partners have raised funds to construct an indoor activity center. The Fieldhouse is a 27,000 square foot multi-purpose, turf-surfaced recreational facility to be located at the Lexington Optimist Recreation Complex in northwest Lexington.

The Fieldhouse will provide opportunities for all ages to participate in general outdoor activities year-round in a weather-friendly environment.

Anticipated activities include:

  • archery
  • baseball / softball
  • football / flag football
  • golf instruction
  • marching band
  • soccer
  • more

Great Progress

When fund-raising efforts reached 90% of the $1.4 million goal, the City moved forward with construction, but additional fund-raising is needed.

The remaining goal of private donations is slowly shrinking - only $16,500 (see pie chart below). Notable grants received for this project include a $600,000 Department of Economic Development Civic and Cultural Center Financing Fund grant, and a $150,000 Peter Kiewit Foundation Challenge Grant.

Help the community reach the remaining goal of $16,500! See Ways to Donate below.


We're almost funded, only $16,500 left to raise after the Give BIG Lexington fund-raising event. The Fieldhouse is up and running, but your help is still needed to complete the funding for this important community project.

Please join the community in supporting the project, by making a tax-deductible charitable donation. There are several ways to donate, as follows:

1. A one-time individual donation to the Lexington Community Foundation, or a pledge of up to three years. Mail contributions to the Foundation office at PO Box 422, Lexington, NE 68850 or walk into the office at 607 N. Washington Street.

2. Conveniently donate through your City electric/utility bill. Click here to download and print a form authorizing Lexington Utilities System (LEXUS) to add a line-item to your City utility bill. Choose the monthly amount you desire to donate over a period of up to three years (36 monthly payments).

All contributions will be forwarded to the Lexington Community Foundation, who will send you an annual statement of your yearly contributions. Simply fill out one of the above linked forms and bring it with you when you pay your monthly utilities bill, or mail it to: Lexington Utilities System, PO Box 70, Lexington, NE 68850. Forms can also be emailed to fieldhouse@cityoflex.com.

Individuals and organizations that contribute to the project will receive on-going recognition (if desired) within the facility on a Wall of Fame. Donor recognition categories are as follows:

$5,000 Legend
$2,500 State Champion
$1,000 All-State
$500 All-Conference
$240 Minuteman

Click here to see a full-sized PDF of the floor plan.