Jet the Miniature Therapy Horse at the Grand Generation Center Today

Miniature Therapy Horse Jet & Teri Edeal have visited the GGC before, but on Wednesday, March 27, at noon, they will be here to present a program on just what Jet does as a therapy horse for Pet Partners Therapy Horse Program. Passing the registration requirements is a rigorous process that evaluates & registers volunteers & their pets for visiting people in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other settings. The program is distinguished by its attention to training the volunteers, evaluating teams every 2 years, and having awareness of the health of the animals. Through this systematic process the risk is minimized for the visiting teams. Jet passed all the requirements with flying colors! He is ready to begin bringing smiles and joy to others.

Join us on March 27 at noon to learn all about Jet and let him put a smile on your face!

The Grand Generation Center is at 407 East 6th Street.