New Housing Study Update for Dawson County

Dawson County Area-Wide Housing Study Update Underway. Important Surveys!

A Dawson County Area-Wide Housing Study with Strategies for Affordable Housing is being conducted by Dawson Area Development (DAD). Below youll find links to online surveys in English and Spanish. Please take a moment to complete the appropriate surveys.

To help address the specific needs of the area, the updated study will include important population, income and economic data, a housing stock analysis, strategies for affordable housing development, a Five-Year Housing Action Plan, for both new and rehabilitated housing, and funding options for both future owner and rental housing developments for all Dawson County communities, as well as the communities of Elwood in Gosper County and the Village of Eustis in Frontier County.

The Housing Study process will also include a comprehensive citizen participation program, consisting of County-wide Housing Listening Sessions and both a Citizen Housing Survey and a Workforce Housing Needs Survey.

Once completed, the Housing Study should foster new and improved housing throughout the Dawson County Area.

The Dawson County Area-Wide Housing Study will be completed by an Area-Wide Housing Steering Committee with the assistance of Hanna:Keelan Associates, P.C., a Nebraska based community planning and research consulting firm, now in its 40th year.

The Housing Study is funded by a Grant provided by the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, with matching funds from DAD. This Study will serve as an update to the current Area-Wide Housing Study (completed in 2014).

Questions and/or comments regarding the Area-Wide Housing Study can be directed to Andrea McClintic, Executive Director, DAD, at 308-217-0004 or

Workforce Survey (Spanish)

Workforce Survey (English)