June Environmental Tip of the Month

Here's a tip - think about the end use of the material you're recycling. For example, yard waste. The City maintains a yard waste site on East Walnut. At any given time there are two growing piles of waste: "soft" yard waste such as grass, leaves, and dead flowers; and "hard" yard waste such as tree branches. The end use for the soft waste is compost. They City composts the waste and, when ready, you can come and get as much as you want for your garden. Every so often the City grinds up the hard waste to wood chips, which you can also use for your landscaping needs. Here's the problem: only fresh untreated wood is desirable for landscape wood chips. Some people bring things like furniture, construction debris, railroad ties, even appliances. These often contains metal, glass, plastic, fabric, and/or chemicals that are undesirable for landscaping! And the metal can damage the wood-grinding machine. Please bring only natural, fresh plant waste when you help save the earth by recycling. Other items can be taken to the City Service Building at 801 W Vine (there's a small fee for some types of items). The City put surveillance cameras at the East Walnut yard waste site, and the police are ticketing offenders. The fine for illegal dumping would easily exceed the small fee for dumping at the Service Building.

One final thought: plastic and even paper yard waste bags are not compatible with composting. Please dump out your yard waste and, if possible, re-use the bags. Re-use is better for the environment than recycling! A thicker, stronger bag may cost a bit more, but with reasonable care can be used 20-30 times, thereby costing far less in the long run, and produce less plastic to throw away or recycle.

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